Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Nort Patrol

Here's another 2000AD related piece.  I've always liked the somewhat nightmarish, fetishistic aspect of the Nort battle dress, how it looks sort of daft and scary at the same time. Here a Nort patrol makes its way through the remains of a civilisation laid waste by war...HUH! What is it good for?

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Keeping with the ink and wash I decided to turn my hand to a couple of studies of the Dark Knight. Batman's a character I read only occasionally but he is so hugely iconic that you have to try and draw him or wear the T-shirt or hum the theme tune..., and the brooding, gothic noir of the character makes him one of the best "capes" to draw
I kept this study quite loose and enjoyed laying in the heavy dark washes. I was quite pleased with the "sculptural" light and dark in this one.
....and here's one I made earlier. A few years back I made some little Plaster of Paris casts of the Batman, none of which came out. I thought that they looked like some little icons of a long lost civilisation. I display them in an old sherry box known as The Box of the Failed Batmen.  Holy Post Modernism Batman!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Johnny Alpha

I hadn't drawn using ink and wash for a long, long time so last night I tried it out on this study of Johnny Alpha. Building layers of wash, letting the ink bleed and the brown tinge from the pencil lead gives a nice worn, rusty feel. Not perfect, but fairly pleased with the result...and couldn't help but think that Alpha reminded me of the brilliant Alex Harvey.... albeit a bit more muscled and with glowing mutant eyes!


These are a couple of panels from the upcoming strips "Rogue Trooper: A Tale of the Trenches"and "Judge Dredd: Rich Pickings" The strips are locked and loaded and scheduled to appear in future issues of the wonderful Zarjaz over at Futurequake Press. Always worth a look!