Sunday, 14 August 2011


Keeping with the ink and wash I decided to turn my hand to a couple of studies of the Dark Knight. Batman's a character I read only occasionally but he is so hugely iconic that you have to try and draw him or wear the T-shirt or hum the theme tune..., and the brooding, gothic noir of the character makes him one of the best "capes" to draw
I kept this study quite loose and enjoyed laying in the heavy dark washes. I was quite pleased with the "sculptural" light and dark in this one.
....and here's one I made earlier. A few years back I made some little Plaster of Paris casts of the Batman, none of which came out. I thought that they looked like some little icons of a long lost civilisation. I display them in an old sherry box known as The Box of the Failed Batmen.  Holy Post Modernism Batman!

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  1. The Box of failed batmen is a thing of sad beauty