Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Major Weir'd

These are a few studies for  Major Weir'd, a character for a horror strip idea which I am currently working on with Tom "Proudhuff" Proudfoot, based upon a real character who lived and died in Edinburgh in the 17th Century. Thomas Weir was a staunch presbyterian, Major in the Covenanter army and pious pillar of Edinburgh society. Weir shocked his peers when he admitted to witchcraft, satanism and incest with his sister. Both were tried and executed, the Major's remains being burnt. However, long after the executions ghostly tales of the Major persisted. His spectral figure with his trademark blackthorn staff, itself reputed to be possessed of demonic power, would be seen carousing in his old dwellings with Satan and his demons....and now the Major, wreathed in hellish sulphurous reek, is getting ready to walk among us again!


  1. Looks great. Where will this see publication?

  2. Found the blog Dode after a trawl for the scrawls...

    Great stuff!!