Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Vape! Vape! Vape!

I didn't get the chance to get much drawing done this month so here's one I made earlier, again a 2000ad inspired piece, a rough and ready study of a VC.  I always liked the ungainly, clunky feel of the tech and weaponry that the VCs used....especially the helmets!

...and here's one that I abandoned earlier, or rather, put on the back burner for the time being. Under the working title "VC Drop", I just couldn't get the dynamic, the proportions, the "feel" of this one right so I decided that I would  revisit it at a later date. But there you go. Let no one ever tell you that this drawing malarkey is easy!


  1. Well if we are taking votes... I'd vote to see that other VCs image returned to sooner rather than later - it looks great to me (file under: "Oh you artists" ;) ).

  2. I agree. Looks very cool to me!

  3. loving that first one and that's a Great dropzone shot that would make a wonderful Prog cover.
    Could it be the dropship that's putting you off it? maybe tilted towards the back and we see the undercarriage only? just a thought.