Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Rich Pickings over at Zarjaz

Judge Dredd, keeping Mega City locksmiths in business as he makes his entrance in in his own inimitable style. These are a few panels from "Rich Pickings'', a strip written by Derek Hamill in the current issue of ZARJAZ, (issue no. 14 for those of you keeping count).

In a tale set aagainst the backdrop of competitive nose picking, Dredd encounters a  mean and murky world of scoundrels, gangsters, hitmen and idiots, other "things"...

          ...and "nasal violation".  Be warned kids, Use a hankie!                                       


  1. eeek! will have to wait until Hi-Ex to 'pick' this one up. Great use of sound effects there too.

  2. semantic accident-uh
    danger in the twilight of the dictionary-uh
    no-one survives
    no one survives-uh
    the crepuscular hazard is hip-uh
    semantic accident-uh


  3. I just love your drawings, lovely to have met you today. :)